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congratulations on reading the book before it was made into a film

you win: nothing

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Awful things happen in every apartment house.

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;D please love me forever 😍

Alhamdulillah ! Thanks to @thebungaa for giving me a chance to win this gorgeous shawl 😍 . It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and I feel so confident whilst wearing it. Check out @thebungaa ‘s ig account 😄

"I would follow in your footsteps if I wasn’t so busy making my own."
Truth Devour

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I need more of this.


Getting Ready. 

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JÓNSI Go Do ( KEXP Live Acoustic) 

Perfection ❤

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sometimes i see horribly misspelled words on facebook and completely forget that they are not even being ironic some are just really illiterate 

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Anonymous asked:
how do YOU eat a girl out and what is it like for you????


First I


Then I


Finally I



does my messy hair and the dark circles under my eyes in combination with an oversized shirt and slutty underwear turn you on

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